Research at Artois University

Research carried out at Artois University is also multidisciplinary. The research units at the university cover academic fields in the human sciences (arts, languages, history and geography); social sciences (economics, law, and education); experimental sciences (civil engineering, electrical engineering and automation); and pure sciences (mathematics, informatics and general sciences).

Research at Artois University is carried out by:

2 units containing CNRS members
14 other units

Because of its multidisciplinary nature, Artois University has entered into partnerships with 6 regional doctoral schools of a specific orientation which already have agreements with universities from the Nord-Pas de Calais region in:

  • Human sciences (ED n° 473)
  • Political, Legal and Management Sciences (ED n°74)
  • Economic and Social Sciences, Regional Planning and Management (ED n° 73)
  • Sciences of Matter, Radiation and Environment (ED n°104)
  • Biology and Health (ED n° 446)
  • Engineering (ED n°72)

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