Welcome to the Arras Campus

The Arras campus has more than 4,000 students and is composed of four faculties :

General Information

The Arras campus is situated in a very pleasant and leafy environment, close to the town centre and about a ten minute walk from the railway and bus stations which means that there is a good service between the Arras campus and the other four campuses of Artois University. From the railway station there are frequent high speed trains to Paris (about 50 minutes), Lille (about 40 minutes) and the Louvres-Lens museum (about 15 minutes).

The town itself is very welcoming and has a rich cultural, artistic, archaeological and historical background. There are wonderful and lively squares which provide an excellent backdrop to student life. Arras has several museums and a Gallo-Roman archaeological site known as Nemetacum, and harbours the famous Wellington Quarry. All of these point to its rich historical interest.

The University library is well-stocked, spacious and extremely pleasant to work in. Student halls of residence are very close to the library and are modern and relatively inexpensive. The Student’s Union offers cultural as well as entertaining activities in conjunction with the theatre in Arras and the cinema situated in the Grand Place which hosts the annual film festival. Our students participate in the Musikampus festival which always attracts large audiences.

Arras possesses two world heritage sites: the belfry and famous citadel built by Vauban. It is very close to the former mining centre of northern France which became part of the world heritage list in 2012. There are several references to Arras in Shakespeare’s work which is an indication of its former prominence.

Arras is the administrative centre (Préfecture) of the county and as such it offers many opportunities for students to work with regional authorities.



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