The Douai Campus

Welcome to the Douai Campus

General Information

Situated on the river Scarpe, the town of Douai has a population of about 43,000, which rises to about 250,000 when one includes the surrounding area. It has always been a hub of activity and still has numerous monuments which testify to its past. The Belfry is a renowned landmark. The town is located at the centre of a well-connected transport system.

Few would contest Douai’s claim to be the legal capital of the region, Douai is currently home to the Court of Appeal as well as to the Administrative Court of Appeal. But the town’s university tradition goes back as far as the XVIth century and this contributes to making Douai the natural hub of law studies for Artois University.

The Faculty of Law

The Faculty’s location in the heart of the region’s legal centre means that students benefit greatly from the savoir-faire provided by the local legal institutions. But the existence of companies and even company groups in and around the Faculty means that students have an obvious pool for their internships. For example, the DTE (Douai Technopole Environment) is a major contributor in this domain and maintains close ties with the university. The prestigious engineering school – the Ecole des Mines de Douai – is also a local partner much appreciated in the Faculty.

The Faculty has a student population of around 1,400 students who receive a quality education which is well-reputed. Numerous links and contracts have been signed between the Faculty and other French and foreign universities whose students are warmly welcomed in Douai.

The Faculty offers a wide spectrum of courses and the Bachelor’s degree provides a solid core of the knowledge of legal matters and a general background to the subject. Special attention is paid to student support during this degree. There is then a research Master’s degree offered, based in the field of ‘Ethics and Procedure’ and is divided into several pathways such as Contentious Law, Company Law, Environmental and Territorial Authority Management.

The Faculty also offers a degree in ‘Legal Activities’ which prepares students for mid-level careers in both the organizational field and assistance to legal managers. A degree in ‘Legal and Technical Aspects of Environmental expertise’ is also offered in conjunction with Douai’s ‘Ecole des Mines’ and is open to both law and engineering students.

Since January 2009, the Faculty hosts one of the three national centres of preparation for entrance to the prestigious French ‘Ecole Nationale de Magistrature’.

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