Campus Life

Artois University is very keen to provide an excellent student environment. The University is developing its cultural policy by offering students access to high quality performances, courses and creative workshops, and by encouraging students to become involved in clubs and associations.

The 'Maison de l'Etudiant' (Student's Union) :

Student services are housed in this building. Students are welcomed here and then redirected towards the appropriate services they require.


In the 'Maison de L'Etudiant' you can find :

  • Cultural and Associative Services
  • The University Department of Physical and Sports Activities (SUAPS)
  • Health and Preventive Medicine services


The 'Maison de l'Etudiant' particularly welcomes :

  • Students and their everyday problems (health, transport, accommodation, etc.).
  • Students who wish to set up or join a club or association
  • Disabled Students
  • Top level athletes (to solve problems arising from possible conflict between their sport and chosen field of academic study)
  • Foreign Students


The 'Maison de l'Etudiant' is on the Arras site but other similar centres can be found on the other sites :

  • Douai : health services, sports and campus life services (cultural associations and clubs).
  • Béthune: in conjunction with the IUT's health service
  • Lens: Health and campus life concerns; Prestige Building (cultural associations and clubs)
  • Liévin: Health and campus life concerns; Ground Floor (cultural associations and clubs)

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